10 Melhores jogos da PlayStation

10 Best Games of PlayStation
To celebrate the birthday of one of the major consoles ever, we decided to look back and choose the 10 games that marked us as players.

1. Resident Evil 2

Shinji Mikami forever changed the horror genre with the release of Resident Evil, but the sequel was released in 1998 cemented the series in video game history. The travel Leon and Claire supplanted the events in the Spencer Mansion to give a wider range without changing the formula that has made the franchise a success by implementing new scenarios and a greater focus on survival.

2. Gran Turismo 2

If we turn back in time and speak with our versions 1999, they will defend tooth and nail the driving simulators never exceed the realism of Gran Turismo 2. If the PlayStation title loyalty has long been surpassed with the latest generations, no one can remove the importance of play in the history of the genre. For years, Gran Turismo has been synonymous with quality, a true king of the virtual roads, and the first sequel was largely responsible for its popularity.

3. WipeOut 3: Special Edition

When not in the mood to drive the best cars in the world, but the passion for speed not disappeared, there was only one solution: WipeOut. The exclusive series from Sony, initially produced by Psygnosis, marked the history of the PlayStation brand and achieved an impressive level with the third game, including the special edition. The best tracks of the previous titles, refined gameplay, superb soundtrack (though without the fantastic Firestarter, the Prodigy) and a rewarding difficulty turned WipeOut 3: Special Edition on a compulsory basis.

4. Silent Hill

The Team Silent created one of the most disturbing and surprising series ever, and the first title remains one of the best PlayStation. The story of Harry Mason and Silent Hill cult still leaves us goosebumps through a provocative script and full of metaphors. The bloody and rusty scenery of the city will be forever in our minds and continue to demonstrate how a horror game can be more striking through suggestion and not the easy scares.

5. Tekken 3

Is there anyone who has not played Tekken 3? Namco title's popularity reached such intense levels that seemed to be everywhere - and all the credit. The fighting became more fluid since the last title in the series, with the list of characters to grow and provide more varied fighting styles. Tekken 3 also includes several game modes and marked the debut of the Tekken Force, a minigame action in 2.5D.

6. Metal Gear Solid

It was in 1999 that Europe met Solid Snake, one of the most iconic characters of the industry. Despite the famous special agent has already been present on the MSX and Nintendo before its debut on PlayStation, was Metal Gear Solid that catapulted the series of Hideo Kojima to the level that today occupies. The events in Shadow Moses are unforgettable for any fans and marked the first contact many players with a more focused game in the story and a cinematic aesthetic. Do not forget to play the demo for hours on end and how we are surprised when we finally explore the base in Alaska. Metal Gear Solid is a major video game and a milestone.

7. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Again

Before the Naughty Dog have fun with Jak & Daxter and Uncharted, and pull for our more emotional side with The Last of Us, his focus was the gaming platforms and its mascot was Crash Bandicoot. Although Warped, the third title in the series, is considered by most as the best game we have to choose Crash Bandicoot 2 as the best title played by deranged marsupial. Despite not having the variety of the second sequel, Cortex Strikes Back is a real improvement of the formula of the series, able to implement new elements such as the choice of levels and the capture of the crystals, and improve Crash control. Overall, the second game is assumed as a more solid experience, focused and fun - and a must-play for fans of Sony.

8. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Before the Konami be a producer of pachinko machines and decide to dismiss Hideo Kojima before the end of production of The Phantom Pain, the Japanese company was known for its high quality series. Castlevania was one of those series, marking the NES since its launch and the Super Nintendo with excellent titles. With the arrival of the PlayStation in the market, the new team responsible for the franchise, led by Koji Igarashi, decided to maintain the 2D gameplay but create an experience never before seen. Inspired by Metroid, the team produced Symphony of the Night, giving players the opportunity to explore the famous castle with Alucard, Dracula's son.

9. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

With the series returning as early as next month, it's good to look back and see what made Tony Hawk's Pro Skater a phenomenon during the decade of 90. The sequel is still one of the funniest and consistent titles of old PlayStation and remains one of the best games in the genre. Your bet on a combination system, enhanced by the implementation of the "manuals", and character customization gave players a more competent and truly addictive gameplay. Even today, 15 years after its launch, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is still a game that we wanted to play.

10. Final Fantasy VII

It is humanly impossible to make a list of the best games of PlayStation without mentioning the Final Fantasy series. Although we feel a little torn between Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX, we must choose the Cloud adventure to our list. Considered by many as the best RPG ever, Final Fantasy VII was responsible for the growing popularity of its kind in the West, cementing the best of classic titles with the transition to 3D. The materials system remains one of our favorites and the history stands as a milestone in gender, with the death of Aeris get leave us thrilled after so many years. Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth and Barrett have become truly iconic characters through their more human side and their most dramatic and dark secrets, giving Final Fantasy VII one rare excitement and vivacity gender (until then, except for a few titles, of course). If they are RPG fans and never played Final Fantasy VII, do not waste more time and experience!



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