10 Maiores Reservas em Ouro do Mundo

10 Biggest Official Gold Reserves in World
International Financial Statistics, December 2013*

* This table was updated in December 2013 and reports data available at that time. Data are 
taken from the International Monetary Fund's International Financial Statistics (IFS), December 
2013 edition, and other sources where applicable. IFS data are two months in arrears, so 
holdings are as of October 2013 for most countries, September 2013 or earlier for late 
reporters. The table does not list all gold holders: countries which have not reported their gold 
holdings to the IMF in the last six months are not included, while other countries are known to 
hold gold but they do not report their holdings publicly. Where the WGC knows of movements 
that are not reported to the IMF or misprints, changes have been made. 

**The percentage share held in gold of total foreign reserves, as calculated by the World Gold 
Council. The value of gold holdings is calculated using the end of month London pm fix gold 
price published daily by the LBMA. In October the end of month gold price was $1324. Data for 
the value of other reserves are taken from IFS, table ‘Total Reserves minus Gold’. 

1. United States

Tonnes: 8,133.5
% of reserves: 71.7%

2. Germany

Tonnes: 3,387.1
% of reserves: 68.7%

3. IMF (International Monetary Fund)

Tonnes: 2,814.0
Note: IMF balance sheets do not allow this percentage to be calculated. In the case of any 
countries, up to date data for other reserves are not available.

4. Italy

Tonnes: 2,451.8
% of reserves: 67.2%

5. France

Tonnes: 2,435.4
% of reserves: 66.1%

6. China

Tonnes: 1,054.1
% of reserves: 1.2%

7. Switzerland

Tonnes: 1,040.1
% of reserves: 8.3%

8. Russia

Tonnes: 1,015.1
% of reserves: 8.3%

9. Japan

Tonnes: 765.2
% of reserves: 2.6%

10. Netherlands

Tonnes: 612.5
% of reserves: 54.0%

11. India

Tonnes: 557.7
% of reserves: 8.4%

Integrants of CPLP
15. Portugal
Tonnes: 382.5
% of reserves: 85.2%
41. Brazil
Tonnes: 67.2
% of reserves: 1.0%
87. Mozambique
Tonnes: 3.7
% of reserves: 6.6%

Source: http://www.gold.org


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