10 Espécies de Tubarões mais perigosos

10 Most Dangerous Shark species 
(Shark Accidents in 2011)
Sharks are not harmless. They are wild animals like lions or crocodiles. Accidents happen, but not that often. To put shark accidents at the center of attention in discussions, branding them as "trademarks" of sharks, is criminal and reflects a distorted picture of these animals.
The frequency of shark accidents has been increasing since the beginning of this century. From 2000 to 2004 there were 57 to 78 shark accidents per year worldwide recorded by the ISAF (International Shark Attack File) which occurred during nonprofessional water activities. Out of these accidents 4 to 11 were fatal. In 2004 there were 7 fatal accidents.
Yet shark accidents must be seen in direct relationship to the number of water activities pursued by humans. Each year billions of people bathe, swim, dive or surf in the ocean.
Compared with about 15 billion bathing, swimming and surfing events each year, 50 to 100 shark accidents are extremely few. Still, the number of unrecorded cases is higher because third world countries rarely inform about such shark accidents for image reasons. On the other hand, the ISAF even registers the most harmless of scratches as shark attacks, even though these are in reality only "shark contacts".

1. White shark

Total Shark Accidents: 272
Deaths: 72

2. Tiger shark
Total Shark Accidents: 97
Deaths: 30

3. Bull shark
Total Shark Accidents: 91
Deaths: 26

4. Sand tiger shark
File:Carcharias taurus newport.jpg
Total Shark Accidents: 31
Deaths: 2

5. Blacktip shark
File:Carcharhinus limbatus - Bahamas.jpg
Total Shark Accidents: 28
Deaths: 0

6. Copper shark
File:Carcharhinus brachyurus by OpenCage.jpg
Total Shark Accidents: 19
Deaths: 1

7. Spinner shark

Total Shark Accidents: 16
Deaths: 0

8. Blue shark
File:Prionace glauca 1.jpg
Total Shark Accidents: 15
Deaths: 4

9. Hammerhead shark

Total Shark Accidents: 15
Deaths: 0

10. Oceanic whitetip shark
File:Oceanic Whitetip Shark.png
Total Shark Accidents: 11
Deaths: 3

Total Shark Accidents: 82
Deaths: 6

Source: http://www.shark.ch by ISAF (International Shark Attack File)
The International Shark Attack File, internationally recognized as the definitive source of scientifically accurate information on shark attacks, is a compilation of investigations of all known shark attacks.

Inform Attack Shark on:
George H. Burgess
Curator, International Shark Attack File
Florida Program for Shark Research
Florida Museum of Natural History
University of Florida
P O Box 117800
Gainesville, FL 32611

(352) 392-1721
FAX 352-392-7158


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